Situated Heterogeneities Part I,
Yes, We share a Secret

with Yves Mettler, Tilo Steireif, Arnaud Elfort a.o.
Opening 11.04.2013, 20 h
Performance 20:30 h

„I can say that any new Europe Square … is new. Different, special, great! I love them all for themselves. I can pick any. They all tell something. They are real incarnations of the confusion, true perforations in the ideological veil, physical traumas of the dream, epidermic eruptions of an urging desire, etc… It’s real love, and when you love you have this special attachment to the beloved’s scars and special marks, they become ports and handles on an infinite surface. I pick them up and think about them and try to tell them they’re not alone. Because most of the time, they’re left alone with their name, and of course, nobody cares.“