Henrik Strömberg, Bygones be bygones or: what’s hidden in the snow, will come to light by thaw

Henrik Strömberg

Bygones be bygones or: what’s hidden in the snow, will come to light by thaw

Eröffnung | Opening: 28. April 2023, 18-21h

Gallery Weekend: 29. + 30. April 2023 13-18 h

Enter Henrik Strömberg’s (SE, 1970) immersive installation including sculpture, video, light, sound  and the ‘Bygones be Bygones Bar’.

The show Bygones be bygones or: what’s hidden in the snow, will come to light by thaw explores the ephemeral existence of humanity in relation to its transient, increasingly collapsing environment, the idea of ‘gains and losses’ and the transient, decadent act of mingling, conversing and linger. To keep and let go, to hold on only to forget, to  rediscover, to reassess, the loss of memory and the acquisition of proofs, the growth of technologies and the decay of the environment are all pivotal topics in Strömberg’s artistic process.

A landscape of amphora-shaped glass bodies will populate the space, combined with recovered construction elements, plaster, metal and coal to create an expansive installation in which the sculptural volumes will contain and be accumulated with found objects, collected and reused materials and lost, found and repurposed artefacts: burned notebooks and newspapers, corals and branches and vessels of proofs: of memory, history, past and present socio-political entanglements.

In the video room a sound and 3-channels video installation will create an all embracing landscape through which the public will be able to walk among flickering images and narratives of times that have been or are still for a moment, while listening to natural and warped, white noise like sounds.

A program of performances and readings will take place on the stage of a functioning bar counter structure: the “Bygones be Bygones Bar” conceived and realised by the artist for the project. Conversations will be initiated through readings of poetry, philosophy and talks, while the ice cubes are melting in the glasses, the talk will be about the same phenomenon at the poles, about viruses and microorganisms, about memory and loss, about surveillance and much more.

The special guests invited are: William Cody Maher, Jens Soneryd and K.Yoland.

The exhibition and performance program  are curated by Susanne Prinz and Chiara Valci Mazzara.

Henrik Strömberg: (N.Mellby, SE, 1970) lives and works in Berlin. He studied Photography and History of Photography at FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts Prague, Czech Republic and at the Camberwell College of Art, London, UK.


William Cody Maher  is a writer and performance artist. He lives and works in Berlin. 

Jens Soneryd  is a poet who writes, edits, curates and collects plants. He is based in Bernshammar and Berlin.

K.Yoland  is a site-specific and transdisciplinary artist – based in London – examining territoriality and power across large scale terrain, urban planning and international borders. 

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