Gumhold, Plöger, Vardag, Famed, Suspended by Ourselves


Opening 09.04.2015, 19h

To pursue the useless is hardly possible in a society where everything is made use of, even the mind. Nothing appears to be more frightening than to slow down the hyperactivity. Even our desires are guided by the principles of competition and exchange. Under these circumstances the cliché of a detached, inspired artistic work is worth preserving as this notion is the potentiality inherent to passivity. Like Bartleby – the scrivener from Melville’s famous short story – the artists in this show ‚would prefer not to’. Because hesitance, doubt, the act of stopping, of taking a look around make it possible for something not yet defined to enter and permeate our thoughts. This attitude is remarkable because it is now unthinkable.